Hair Transplantation At Affordable Rates

Hair Transplantation At Affordable Rates

Due to the escalating incidences of hair loss, hair transplantation remains as the only hope for thousands today.


Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure where follicular units of hair or grafts are removed from the abundant area of the scalp to the receding region. It is important to understand that hair transplantation isn’t a mere procedure but that which requires artistic skills and experience. 

For that matter, it is quite necessary to understand the surgery before settling down for it. At

, you will meet the best and the extra-talented surgeons who will walk you through your surgery safely. 


We offer cost-effective hair transplant surgeries such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE),

 (FUT), BIO FUE in conjunction with several nonsurgical hair loss treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy. 

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Puzzled About Your Hair Transplant Requirements?

The process of extracting follicular units from the donor region to the thinning scalp area is known as hair transplantation. This surgical treatment generally lasts for 7 hours but highly differs from one patient to another. 

When Can a Hair Transplant Offer the Best Results?

Several factors determine a successful hair transplant in Dehradun and these include;

The Surgeon’ Experience 

Only experienced hair transplant surgeons deliver the best and above all-natural results. In case looking for an experienced, visit Hair transplant Clinic Dehradun.


The Level of Baldness

The bigger the bald region the more hair grafts required for the hair transplant surgery. This means that the surgeon must plan the procedure skilfully since not all levels of baldness can be corrected with a hair transplant surgery.

The Hair Transplant Technique 

Only a consultation can help a candidate understand the type of hair transplant technique to undergo. That is why a consultation at an advanced hair transplant center is necessary. 


Hair Transplant Clinic in Dehradun

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Hair Transplant in India | Patients Before and After Results - Hair Doctors India


Hair Transplant in India | Patients Before and After Results - Hair Doctors India